We are introducing: NIKO1300

Niko1300 is a truly “over-designed” amplifier performing in any musical and sonic conditions with an unprecedent dynamic, resolution and power management up to 1950W for the mono version and 1100W for the stereo version. A unique high-end power amplifier capable to drive the most demanding and challenging loudspeakers on the market keeping a superb sonic performance.

Its over-sized impressive mechanical chassis and heat sinks, machined from a 22 Kgs solid billet of 6060 aluminum alloy, allow a perfect thermal stability and cooling efficiency at all powers even under extreme use.

Niko 1300 is using exclusively selected first grade components and completely hand-made under the supervision of the design team to guarantee uncompromised quality construction and unique details.   

Each Niko1300 unit is the result of a unique mix of unmatched Italian Style, pristine Audio Technology, maniacal Passion for Details and the long experience of a team with the dream to create the finest piece of Audio Art.